Hi. My name is Ashley and I am a sixteen year old high school student, although I really look like I’m twelve years old.  Ever since I was a young girl I have loved escaping into books, which allow me, even if just for a second to live alongside paper characters.  At recess, instead of joining the other children on the swing set, I could be found curled underneath a tree with a book just beneath my nose.  Even as I aged I often chose books over social events and dances because there is something so beautiful about becoming lost in a world so entirely different from our own.  I love everything about books: the musty smell of the yellowing pages, the worn corners of pages which hint at beloved moments, and even the bent spines.  Books call my name like banana nice cream (vegan alternative to ice cream), and, therefore, this blog is my chance to share all the FANTASTIC (and not so fantastic) books I find along the way.  I hope that you can find recommendations here that will help you decide which books to read next, or which books you should avoid.
Random Facts about me

  • Harry Potter was my favorite series as a child.  It still is one of my favorites, however, it is not at the very top of my list.
  • I love ALL Disney movies (especially tangled)
  • My favorite genre to read is contemporary (although I have a soft spot for dystopia and sci-fi in my heart)
  • For someone who is not a very great cook I have an inordinate love of the food network channel
  • I listen to any and all types of music, but my favorite singers are Taylor Swift, Tich, and Sia
  • I’m vegan, no animal products for this gal

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