Introduction: Welcome to my Blog!

Ever since I was a young girl I have escaped into fantasy worlds where I could live alongside paper characters. At recess, instead of joining the other children on the swing set, I could always be found curled under a tree with a book just under my nose. Even as I aged, I often chose books over dances and social events because there is something so beautiful about becoming lost in a world so entirely different from our own. Whenever I open a book I feel a flood of warmth humming beneath my skin because it allows me, even if only for a moment, to transcend our world and join someone else’s journey. Every single living, breathing individual has their own story to tell, however, I have always enjoyed the tales authors create in their fictitious novels the most. I love everything about books; the musty smell of the yellowing pages growing old, the worn page-corners which hint at beloved moments, and even the bent, broken spines which come along with any well-loved book. But, most importantly, I love that books harbor a sea of knowledge waiting to be unleashed, and so, I decided to create this blog not only to share my passion with the stories I hold near my heart, but also to share the knowledge I have learned from these stories, even if it only may be a drop.


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